What you should know about Kratom use on campus

What you should know about Kratom use on campus

If you look into the world of recreational and stimulating beverages, the first one that is going to pop it’s head up is definitely Kratom. In fact, the herb has become so famous globally that talks are going on about replacing the traditional beverages like tea and coffee with Kratom. Opioid overdose and addiction is a situation that has plagued the world.

Kratom helps to deal with this problem as well. In fact, the utility of Kratom is many, which makes it an important consumed herb. However, what should be your approach with respect to Kratom on campus is a different deal altogether. This article is a small attempt to answer that question.

Why take Kratom?

It is a powdered form of a drug that is derived from the Mitrogyna Speciosa plant, which is indigenous to South-East Asia. It is mainly dispensed in the form of powder or paste and is consumed as a beverage generally. The popularity of Kratom can be judged from the fact that more than 5 million people use it in the US alone.

It is mainly cultivated in Borneo, Bali, Indonesia, and other similar geographical locations. It is primarily of three types based on the color of the vein running along the center of the leaves. This includes the red, white, and green form. Although each type specializes in a specific type of function, the overall utility of Kratom is as follows-

  • People suffering from long-lasting, excruciating, chronic pain due to systemic conditions can benefit from it as Kratom has the pain-relieving property inherently.
  • Some people are advocating it to be a good replacement for opioid narcotics for dealing with pain. This is because patients become addicted to opioids after long time use, and the side effects of it are quite detrimental.
  • In case you feel that you start feeling lethargic quite frequently and lack energy as a whole, Kratom can be the answer and provide you with all the fuel that you need for your body.
  • It has positive influences on your mind as well. Kratom such as kratom crazy red vein thai helps you concentrate better. This automatically leads to an increase in productivity, which is translated into more success in professional and sometimes personal life.
  • People suffering from various mental disorders like depression, panic, and anxiety can benefit from taking Kratom.
  • When taken in controlled amounts, it can also have recreational properties like euphoria. However, you need to acclimate your body to be tolerable for higher doses.

The problems with Kratom

Despite the multiple utilities and benefits of Kratom that have been mentioned above, it has not found any preference or acceptability with the Food and Drug Administration yet. The FDA has not found any credible study that establishes Kratom as a potential opioid replacement. As the abuse of opioids is already well-known, allowing another drug of similar potential seems to be a risky potential.

Moreover, there have been reports of salmonella infection due to the intake of Kratom, which has not worked on its favor. Overall, due to the reasons mentioned above, Kratom has not been included in the list of approved drugs yet. They state that there is no compact proof of its credibility, and they cannot base anything on the grounds of positive feedback.

What should you do regarding Kratom on campus?

Now that it has become clear that Kratom is not totally legal in different parts of the world, you need to be careful when using it. The benefits of Kratom are something that you can definitely not deny. There are scores of people that have used it and come out with positive results. However, due to the stand taken by the FDA, it cannot be consumed on campus without raising any eyebrows whatsoever. So, you have to be very careful in your endeavors.

To conclude, there is still a lot of scope for research in Kratom. Once it becomes legal, using it freely won’t be a problem at all. Till then, use Kratom judiciously and only as much as needed.

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