Light Paths

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Uni Erlangen-Nuremberg19.01.2009
Graduate School of Advanced Optical Technology
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On this Graduate School

Applications of optical technologies have for a long time been an essential part of many aspects of our every day life. Nevertheless, there are many more new ways which the exploration of light can show us. In this process the collaboration of researchers in the fields of physics, engineering and medicine will be increasingly essential for scientific progress and especially for the ever more important practical applications. The Erlangen Graduate School in Advanced Optical Technologies (SAOT) aims to achieve this technology transfer and to build up a globally leading centre for academic education in the field of optical technologies. At SAOT scientists from different disciplines work together on a diversity of projects: for example, on the development of a new generation of engines which are significantly more efficient and environmentally friendly; or on developments in laser surgery with lasers capable of recognizing different tissue types during an operation; or on dynamic light scattering to broaden our understanding of basic properties of substances.