From Molecules to Materials Innovative Materials

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Uni Erlangen-Nuremberg30.11.2009
Engineering of Advanced Materials
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On this Cluster of Excellence

What do metamaterials and photonic crystal fibers have in common with printed electronics and organic solar cells? How can chemical reactions be more efficiently accelerated? How can the weight of a structure be reduced without impacting its strength? The Cluster of Excellence Engineering of Advanced Materials lays the foundation to address these and other questions, all with great relevance to markets of the future. Researchers in Erlangen are investigating the synthesis and characterization of new molecules and nanoparticles. The goal is to use these as building blocks in the formation novel functional devices and structures. By establishingvalue chains which extends from atoms and molecules to macroscopic structures, innovative and application-tailored demonstrators in the areas of optics, nanoelectronics, catalysis and lightweight construction will be realised. Significant contributions to science and industry are anticipated, especially in information and communication technology, chemical industries, automotive and power engineering. All in all, the work of this North Bavarian interdisciplinary research initiative promises breakthroughs in materials innovations with the potential to ensure a better quality of life for everyone.