Comparative research on social integration and democracy

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HU Berlin15.03.2010
Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences
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On this Graduate School

Modern societies are characterized by an increasing diversity of class positions and cultural as well as political orientations. This diversity leads to social problems such as discrimination, identity conflicts and exclusion. Moreover, it engenders political problems related to the maintenance of democracy and the promotion of processes of democratization. The doctoral program of the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS) aims at understanding these processes, explaining their progressions and dynamics, and identifying strategies for problem solving. Doctoral training at the BGSS is centered on two main pillars of research: “Varieties of Inclusion” and “Varieties of Democracy”. Doctoral researchers receive academic supervision from up to three internationally renowned scholars of sociology and political science. The graduate school’s goal is to become an internationally acknowledged platform for the training of doctoral researchers in Berlin which attracts the best students nationally and internationally.