7 tips for making friends on your campus

making friends on your campus

7 tips for making friends on your campus

The beginning of the course is a period of many changes: new teachers, new places and new colleagues. Even if you are excited to start this stage that many remember as “one of the best years of their life”, it does not mean that not knowing anyone can be a challenge for you. If so, don’t panic, it’s perfectly normal. Facing this process has a reward; you train your ability to adapt to changes. For this reason, and also because we already love you very much, we give you some tips that can help you make the best of your new life.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

Enjoy your music, chat on WhatsApp with your summer friends or with your family, all this represents your comfort zone even if you are in a new place, far from the known. Take off your headphones and lift your head, listen and look around you; You are more than 2000 new students of 70 different nationalities so remember that you are not alone in your situation. You are all in a new environment wanting to find new friends. Take the opportunity to smile and look for opportunities to talk to new people.

  1. Dare the new: they are usually great opportunities

If you find it violent to start a conversation with a stranger or you do not know what to talk about, participate in all the activities that your University organizes, they are fantastic opportunities to meet other students, doing something together. During your Welcome Days, many of you have participated in the Speed ​​Friends Making: an activity in which you have a minute and a piece of cardboard with questions to learn to know your classmates better.

  1. Find people like you

One of the great things about college is that it is a time in your life when you have many opportunities to try new activities or reconnect with your passions of yours that you had put aside. Student clubs are student associations that come together to share their passion. Finding people you share a hobby with is one of the best ways to bond deeper.

  1. Organize an outing with more people from the university

“Happiness is only real when it is shared”, this phrase that the protagonist writes in a book in the film Hacía wild routes (Into the Wild)  could not be more true. Relating to others is vital to your well-being so if you don’t know many people yet, there is no reason to stay alone. Campus Life organizes various activities where you can interact with others. In addition to the activities offered by Campus Life, in its corresponding section on the Intranet, you can create your own events so that other students can sign up.

  1. Open spaces to study

Leaving your room is always a good strategy to encourage interactions with others, whether they are your roommates or college companions. The library is open from Monday to Friday, from 7.45 am to 9.15 pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 are to 6 pm, 24 hours during exam time. It has many open workspaces and group workrooms. Although it is important to respect the silence to study, you can meet other students by taking breaks at the entrance of the library.

  1. Enjoy the cultural diversity of your University

In addition to Campus Life activities where you can meet people of various nationalities, Hub 101, which is located in classroom 101 of the Luis Campos Gorriz building, is an open place where the language service organizes intercultural activities focused on practicing languages of Informally, talking with colleagues of other nationalities.

  1. Get involved in some of the solidarity projects

Would you like to participate in a volunteer project? In addition to helping others, participating in local projects throughout the course, or being part of international solidarity missions, it will allow you to meet other students who, like you, are willing to dedicate time to others.

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