5 Ways to Make Friends at University

Friends at University

5 Ways to Make Friends at University

When life makes you a university student, make some friends. Of all the interesting parts of life. The part that can never be erased and you always carry with your identity is your university life.

This is the time when a person gets into his shape and the shape he shows to the world. University is a long journey and, in this journey, we need some companions.

We do not get our school or college friends at university. We have to make new friends. These friends we get in university become the companions of our professional life.

So, we have to be careful when choosing friends in university. They are the ones who will be with us for a long time when we are all matured.

It is not so easy for everyone to make friends in the new environment. Most of us remain nervous for the first time. So, here we are with 5 ways to make friends at university.

Be Smart and Co-operative

It is important to be smart to be friends with worthy people. And also, you have to cooperate. If you do not co-operate then you will never get friends.

Be smart but not over smart. Show your smartness in a good manner. Don’t be rude to anyone. Make friends with good people.

Join Online Groups

Universities tend to have many online groups. Some of them are for all of the university and some of them are only for batches. Join the group of your batch.

In the group chat always be kind. Watch always before you talk. Create a good personality of yourself among people which will help you a lot in the future.

Join the Clubs

Different clubs for different purposes are there in the university. They are very helpful to get you, friends. They will be very helpful to make you introduced to new friends. Keep reading 10 Ways to Get Involved in Campus Life

Remember to join the clubs only you can match with. A club is a community and all the communities are not for everyone. So, be careful.

Be Kind hearted

To be kind-hearted never costs but always pays a lot. Always show kindness to people. Who doesn’t wants to be a friend with a kind-hearted man?

Do charity as much as possible and approach the charitable works. Remember, when you are doing charity you are doing without any greed.

Approach First

Always approach first if you want to make friends. It seems kind to approach first. It makes a good impression on the person on the other side.

Approach first but keep your personality. Don’t be too free at first. Do everything slowly. What comes fast, goes fast.


The perfect ways to make friends at university are now on your hands. All the ways we have discussed are effective and will get you the best of people as friends.

One thing is, this article may support you from behind but making good friends depends on you. It depends on how much co-operative you are.

Remember, here in this time of life do not make any mistake to choose the friends. One single mistake can ruin your whole life.

If you become successful to choose the right friend then you are getting the best companion for life who will be with you till the end.

Also, wise friends can help you out with your future life and your goals of life. Always keep in mind, if the people surrounding you practices good then you will get its reflection and if they are doing bad things then also you will get its reflection.

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