5 Amazing College Campuses on the Beach

Pepperdine University

5 Amazing College Campuses on the Beach

When most people think of the word ‘beach’ they envision clear skies, clearer waters, and burying their feet under the pearly white sand. When certain college students think of the word ‘beach’, they think of their college campus.

Wait, am I missing something here?  Some students actually go to a college that has an amazing campus nestled right on the beach? What was the reason I decided to go to college inland again? Please excuse my self-loathing. Yes, believe it or not, some students go to college in paradise!  If your goal is to spend your college career studying on the beach, this article is for you!

5 amazing college campuses located near the Beach:

  1. Pepperdine University

Two words: Malibu, California. After you are done thinking about movie stars, surfing, and perfect weather, I want to introduce you to Pepperdine University. As you probably guessed, Pepperdine University is located in beautiful Malibu, California, and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. This private university sits on 830 acres and is only a mere five-minute walk from the world-famous Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Can you say surfing after class? This university is also known for its religious affiliations and strict academic standards.

  1. Flagler College

Located in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida which, might I add, has the title of being the nation’s oldest European-settled city (1565 by the Spanish); this picturesque college is only minutes away from the Atlantic ocean and surrounding beaches including Vilano beach! This private liberal arts college was built with beautiful Spanish architecture and are the perfect place for history buffs! Flagler College is generally more affordable in comparison to other liberal art colleges. Attend school here if the coastal / city lifestyle appeals to you.

  1. University of California – San Diego

For those that don’t know, San Diego is the quintessential surf town complete with perfect weather, perfect beaches, and consistent surf. Now enter the University of California – San Diego.  This public university rests in the middle of the La Jolla area putting you mere miles away from the beach.  UCSD is also known for its academic excellence. In particular, this university is often considered one of the top 10 public universities and is known for science. If you are interested in a career in the sciences, this might be the university for you.

  1. Eckerd College

Eckerd College can be found on the sunny coast of St. Petersburg, Florida, and offers students some of the best views on this list.  This private liberal arts college sits on 188 acres and is known for its marine science program.  Although Eckerd is a small college, it offers students world-class views.

  1. The University of Hawaii at Manoa

No top beach college campus list would be complete without at least one school from Hawaii.  Nestled in the hills of the island of Oahu, this world-class campus offers students access to world-famous beaches. In between studying for UAB’s bachelor’s in information systems, I encourage you to give these famous beaches a try! If surfing isn’t your thing, this public university is known for its academic excellence and having strong science programs.

Dorm Room Items to Pack when Leaving for Out-of-state College:

There are some essential dorm room items you absolutely should think about when leaving home to move into an out of state college. As most college students are excited to get back to school (and partying), be sure to think about where to get many of the essential room items you’ll need when arriving.

Here’s a quick list of bedroom and dorm room items to get before moving in:

Dorm Rooms & College Home Rentals

Depending on which campus your located on, be sure to bring ample pillows and blankets to ensure you can cycle out items as they get dirty and are in the wash. Some college students will be living in rental homes, which you’ll need even more items, including the following:

Grab a List and go through everything you have in your current room and see what needs to be bought or brought with you!

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