The five most beautiful and popular university campus

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The five most beautiful and popular university campus

Enrolling in a British university is becoming more and more popular among young Europeans. The most important key point in choosing one university or another has always been to obtain a good academic degree. Also, why not meet new people. In the case of others, because of the financing options offered by the British Government. In any case, choosing the best university is a very important detail for many. But apart from the reputation, the style, location, and beauty of the campus also play a very important role when choosing the best university option.

It is not a surprise to say that social networks have flooded our daily lives. As young people, we always want to capture, whether in video or photos, everything that surrounds us, with the aim of being able, in the future, to have memorable experiences and share them with others. Starting from this point, the website portal wanted to identify which are the most photographed and shared campuses on social networks. Specifically, it has used the Instagram application based on how many hashtags are used in the app to find out which are the most popular British university campuses.

Oxford University Campus

Popular campus

It should come as no surprise that the University of Oxford is, according to this academic portal, the most instagrammable campus in the entire United Kingdom. It is normal for people to want to share the beauty and history of this place on social networks. This university campus is so popular that even movies like Harry Potter have been filmed on its premises. According to The Knowledge Academy, the university has more than 1,000 daily tags on Instagram. Until now, this university has had about 362,937 interactions.

Cambridge University Campus

Like the University of Oxford, Cambridge is another the British university with one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. Moreover, these two universities always compete to be the first in everything. However, regarding hashtags, this university has 254,102 so far on Instagram, 108,835 less than the University of Oxford. As well as its eternal rival, the Cambridge University campus has also been used for film productions, such as Harry Potter or TV series such as Grantchester.

Leeds University Campus

This university, located in the north of England, comes in third place in this ranking according to the academic portal. The University of Leeds has almost 200 years of existence which makes its campus highly appreciated for the history it keeps. It was founded in 1831 as the Leeds College of Medicine. And was later renamed the Yorkshire College of Science in 1874. As early as 1904, under the reign of Edward II, he would obtain a degree from the University of Leeds. According to Instagram, this university has more than 143,483 interactions and hashtags to date.

Glasgow University Campus

The Scottish University of Glasgow is ranked number four among the most instagrammable university campuses in the entire United Kingdom. With around 135,831 hashtags on the Instagram platform, the University of Glasgow falls into this top 5. Founded in 1451, this university has been providing education for the last 569 years. And it is that knowing this, it is logical to think that the students of this university are always sharing photos of their campus with features of that medieval Great Britain.

York University Campus

The last university within this top 5 is the University of York. With around 124,557 hashtags on the Instagram platform, this university manages to position itself as one of the universities with one of the most beautiful campuses to portray on Instagram. And this is due to the modern structures and buildings that surround its campus. York University is also the youngest of these 5 universities, having been founded in 1963.

Other UK universities

Apart from these 5 universities, The Knowledge Academy portal revealed another 15 universities that would make up the top 20 of the best campuses to enjoy British universities. Among them are the University of Newcastle; the University of Sheffield; Cardiff University; the University of Birmingham; University of Exeter; University of Manchester; Lincoln University; Coventry University; the University of Nottingham; Swansea University; the University of Warwick; Falmouth University; the University of Sussex; Lancaster University and Northumbria University.

If your college campus is on this list, what are you waiting for? Take a few photos of your university campus and make your Instagram look more cool and elegant. We would like to mention that if you are looking for advice on how to get into a British university. There is an international student community called The Broad Club that offers free advice to anyone who has any questions about studying at a British university.

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