The eight most beautiful universities (campus) in the world

Most beautiful universities

The eight most beautiful universities (campus) in the world

Discover the most beautiful universities, and choose which one you would have liked to study at.

All the ones we present below are reference universities. Although they stand out for being prestigious centers of higher education, the beauty of their buildings will leave you breathless. In this list, you will find styles for all tastes: from the most classic to the most minimalist through the most daring. Discover which are the most beautiful universities in the world, and what makes them different from the rest.

Oxford, UK

Eight most beautiful universities

Twenty-six prime ministers attended Oxford University. Poets, Nobel laureates, philosophers, doctors, rulers of exotic countries, Olympic athletes, renowned neurologists, composers, opera singers, and bank presidents have also sat at the desks of this ancient institution. The University of Oxford behaves like a city with 43 faculties, two museums, a theater, a church, a botanical garden, and even a river that borders its campus. The center claims to be the oldest of the English-speaking schools, with the first evidence of teaching in the year 1096. Gothic in style, Oxford University served as the setting for some of the Harry Potter films. Here you can even enjoy an authentic Quidditch matching on the field of the Radcliffe Chimeras, the first team of the university.

Cambridge, UK

You can’t talk about one without mentioning the other. Cambridge and Oxford compete to be the most prestigious university in this part of the world. But the truth is that Cambridge owes its origin to Oxford. After disputes between students and locals, in 1209 some scholars fled to Cambridge where they settled and founded this university. Today the two ancient institutions are popularly known as “Oxbridge”. If you have the opportunity to visit it, we recommend a boat ride on the River Cam that crosses its campus. Leaving Darwin College behind and once you have passed the Mathematical Bridge, on your left you will see one of the oldest and most renowned colleges: Trinity College. Among the most illustrious students of his are Francis Bacon or Isaac Newton.

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

And from one trinity to another. Trinity College Dublin not only deserves its position in this list of beautiful universities for its facades and green areas but also for one of the jewels that it houses inside. The library of this institution has no waste. Overwhelmingly beautiful, this century-old room houses unique copies and first editions of books that have marked the course of human history. One of them is the Book of Kells, from the year 800, which is the main written work of Celtic Christianity. Some say it is significant that two of the statues guarding the university entrance are Edmund Burke (philosopher) and Oliver Goldsmith (novelist). As if that were not enough, Trinity College is in the heart of Dublin.

Moscow State University, Russia

Created in 1755, Moscow State University has traveled back in time hand in hand with its country. Back in 1917, communism hit the foundations of this institution. Tuition fees were no longer paid and higher education was opened up to everyone, allowing the poorest to access university. But communism not only democratized its access but also changed the way of teaching. From then on the university did not reward individual success. The exams were done in groups, but the system failed because the students did not learn. World War II also impacted Moscow State University: students and professors put down their books to fight against the unstoppable rise of the Nazis. Like its past, the campus of this institution is also complex and intricate. A million square meters, a thousand buildings,33 kilometers of corridors, and 5,000 rooms in eight residences.

University of Bologna, Italy

Perhaps it was something you learned in college that sparked your research. Or one of your teachers inspired you to believe in your work. Be that as it may, Nicolaus Copernicus left the classrooms of the University of Bologna and revolutionized the history of astronomy by pointing out that the sun (and not the earth) was the center of the universe. Umberto Eco or Dante Alighieri also studied at this institution. Standing since 1088, the University of Bologna is a conglomeration of architectural styles. Its facilities have been expanded over the centuries with Renaissance libraries, archives, and even a farm that was founded in 1974 so that the department of agriculture and veterinarians could carry out their experiments.

Taroudant University, Morocco

Not all the universities that we were going to mention in this list are the result of past times. There are also beautiful buildings like the one of this faculty built-in 2010 that deserve to be highlighted due to their shapes. Architects from the University of Taroudant sought to reinterpret the architectural heritage of southern Morocco. Its blocks of red sand seem to rise from the desert and the green areas that are inside are small oases in the middle of a red tide. The game of shadows created by the pure and straight lines of the buildings are only a reflection of what happens inside their walls.

University of Cape Town, South Africa

The University of Cape Town earned this nickname during apartheid. As it stood by its opposition to the prevailing racism in the country. What began as a college for white boys in 1829 became a place of diversity. Welcoming the first black students in 1920. The University of Cape Town rests at the foot of Devil’s Peak. Do not miss the spectacular panoramic views of the city.

University of Mumbai, India

“Hawaii, Bombay is a paradise…” Do you remember the Mecano song? So that’s it. The University of Bombay or Mumbai (as it is now called) is an Eden for the senses. Its gardens are delightfully tropical. Exotic and monumental, it is one of the most prestigious and beautiful universities in the world. If you want to study for a postgraduate degree there or send your child to study. Far away to make him or her a worthwhile man or woman, your money will be well spent. According to the 2014 Census Billionaires survey, this university has managed to position itself. As the ninth of the schools in the world with the highest production of billionaire students. So go ahead and visit it. Something will stick to you.

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