Seven tricks and tips that will help you study from home

study from home tricks

Seven tricks and tips that will help you study from home

The Covid-19 epidemic has caused a lot of havoc and one of those is that according to UNESCO data “[Covid-19] has affected more than 90% of the world population of students, from pre-primary education to higher education.

So it is likely that if you are reading this you will have to study from home and literally your room may have become your new classroom.

For this reason, we want to give you seven tips that will help you deal with this new challenge, during the pandemic and also after it.

Take a break and play your favorite soundtrack

7 tricks of study from home

It is important that you rest during your study sessions, the idea is that these study sessions are about 50 minutes and maybe about 10 rest, so you can avoid headaches, stress, fatigue, and also lack of concentration when studying.

During that break, take the opportunity to put on one of your favorite Modo U playlists. Listening to the music you like, in addition to relaxing, can be a source of motivation and greater concentration.

Sleep and eat properly

When you do not get enough sleep it can affect your performance and also the effectiveness when studying. Therefore, try to make a schedule that has a strict condition to sleep enough hours of sleep (seven or eight hours) so that your performance and concentration are optimal.

Studying without having fed yourself can be counterproductive, especially because you can lose the concentration that is so difficult to maintain. It is recommended that you eat at least an hour before studying, which is necessary to satisfy your appetite and if you are not so hungry you can have an emergency snack nearby.

Equip yourself with what you need

It is important that the place where you are studying is tidy, having a clean desk will give you more freedom so that you can have everything you need, be it notes, books, computer, pen or whatever you think is necessary that you should have at your fingertips.

In order to study remotely, you need to have a good internet connection. Prepare your studio equipment and check that it works well, including a camera, headphones, and microphone.

Whether it’s for college, free courses, or any decision you make in life, planning helps you choose the best path and prepare for it. If there is something you don’t have on your desk yet, but you think would help you study, you can save up to buy it, like post-its, colored highlighters, a board, etc.

Get your questions out on a list before class and participate

Whenever it’s time to do some homework or study for an exam, doubts arise and yes, it’s really annoying, since surely during class the teacher asked, ” Who has doubts?” and maybe for some reason you didn’t ask, but said that everything was perfectly clear.

It is important that at the moment in which doubts arise, you write them down and look for the opportunity to solve them, since seeking knowledge will make you improve in what you are studying.

When class starts don’t think twice, and as soon as the teacher asks the famous question, raise your hand! Do not hide in the videoconferences, participate and clarify your questions as if you were in class.

Locate your study place away from distractions and make it comfortable

You must bear in mind that you will be in a study from home, but do not let that become a potential distraction factor, the further away you are from the bed, the better! Concentrate on what you study and do not do other things at the same time.

You also need to make sure you are comfortable, but not too comfortable. The idea is that you study, but not that you fall asleep. Another key point is to have good lighting, as well as an ideal temperature since this can be an inconvenience when studying.

So worry about keeping your study place heated in winter and cool on hot days.

Watch videos related to your career that motivate you to achieve your goals

Finding interesting videos of what you study will help you develop interest and get inspired. You will expand your knowledge, which is excellent, and it will also help you project job possibilities with your career.

Technology gives you the incredible ability to research absolutely anything, so why not use that to your advantage?

Above all, make sure you study something that you are truly passionate about. When you do what you really like, despite the difficulties, you will be able to solve things with dedication and being positive, in the end, you will see the reward.

Use custom methods to take notes or record your classes

There are different methods that you can use when studying, but this will always depend on the qualities of each student since we are all different.

When taking notes you can use colors, decorate the sections of your notebook according to the theme. You can also use Post-it (small sheets of paper) to write on them what you have to do. And paste them around your computer, or maybe you can even do a memo board and put them all there in order.

Another method is to record the classes, it will be very useful when taking notes or when the teacher is dictating a topic since you will be able to write calmly and better understand what is being explained.

Discipline is a very important factor if you want to be a mature person you have to learn to do things. And eliminate the predisposition, even if you don’t feel like it, don’t leave it for later.

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