10 Reasons Why Your First Year At University Will Be The Best Of Your Life

First Year At University

10 Reasons Why Your First Year At University Will Be The Best Of Your Life

Life is full of surprises. It is like a raft of sorrows of which only a few parts are made of happiness. Happiness in life doesn’t last so long and never comes too early.

So, what keeps us happy when we have no memories of happiness? The good memories. Our memories help us to be happy when we can’t be naturally.

All of us have different sorts of memories. Some of the memories almost we all have like the first day at school, the first day at college, the first year of the university, and our wedding day.

From all the memories the memory you can never forget and will always keep cheering you up is the first year at university. It is the time when you will come to learn about life in a new way.

You will face a very little restriction. There will be a lot of freedom. Those moments of life are never to be forgotten. They will help you in your future life when you are alone.

There are 10 reasons why your first year at university will be the best in your life.


The first thing you will get in your university life is freedom. No one will make restrictions like school or college life. You will be fully on your own and will deal with your own business.

New Friends

Newest of friends you will get in your university life. From different sides of the world and of different cultures you will get friends.

No Uniform

Like school you do not need to wear any uniform in the university. You can wear whatever you like and even you can attend the classes having your house attire.

Night Life

The most interesting part of varsity life is the nightlife. In the first year, you will get to know about it. Many things will be very new to you and will be the moments to enjoy.

Campus Life

The campus is totally a new world. Here, everything runs by its own flow. Everything about campus will be new and enjoyable to you. Every step there will be something new.


You will get a chance to get involved with several clubs who are engaged in different cultural works. Those works are totally different from each other. New things you will get to experience if you join those clubs.

Bachelor Life

Because it is not necessary that your university campus will always be near to your home so you may have to live apart from your family for the sake of studies which will be a new experience. Keep Reading 10 Ways to Get Involved in Campus Life


Several tours almost every three months you may attend in the varsity. More tour more fun it is. Memories you will get that will never get faded.


Universities have halls that no other institutions have. Halls are like hostels but very different in culture. It will be a thrilling experience to be in the hall.


Varsity life is the life where you will get opportunities more than ever. Hundreds of doors will get open to you. And in university life, every day is a new start.


The reasons that make the first year of university life the best of your life is now known to you. All the relevant reasons we have covered here on our article.

Remember, this moment of life is as enjoyable is as risky. You will get many opportunities to ruin yourself life which may feel like freedom at first but later will make you regret.

Choose friends that can be the real ones. Do not get yourself on the wrong path. As we have said this is the most enjoyable time of your life, do not make it miserable.

Always be happy and keep others happy. Make a good relationship with people. Especially with the teachers and the seniors.

Join the clubs and try to take part in every event at the university. Make the best memories, enjoy your freedom. Be happy, keep happy.

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